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56--Tarantula by Green-Mamba 56--Tarantula by Green-Mamba
This guy?


Sometime after meeting the Scarlet Spider (and after, at least, the first fall of the Kingpin), Peter hears about another spider person; this one often seen around the docks near the WebCorps facilities he had earlier tailed the Beetle to.  Word is, this guy calls himself the Tarantula, and that he has come to stake his claim on the city in the wake of the Kingpin's disappearance, and he's doing so by beating the ever loving snot out of anyone who opposes him.  This is of course way too interesting for Peter to stay away, but when he goes to intercept him, the Scarlet Spider attempts to stop him.  Peter doesn't heed her warning, and confronts the Tarantula anyway.
When Spider-man encounters him, the Tarantula announces that he had been expecting him, and explains who he is--he claims to be a South American crime lord of what he calls... the "Spider-Totem."  His voice sounds familiar to Peter, but he can't quite put his finger on it though.  They fight, and the Tarantula is a very powerful adversary--he seemingly has all of the same abilities that Peter and the Scarlet Spider do.  Just as strong, just as agile, and he too can stick to walls.  Peter gets some help from the Scarlet Spider, and they manage to beat him.  When Peter begins to remove his mask, the Scarlet Spider very strongly warns he doesn't.  Peter, again, doesn't heed her warning, and removes the Tarantula's mask.  Peter then immediately regrets this decision though, because the face he finds under the mask?  It looks just like his own.

So okay!  Tarantula's a pretty lame character in the comics originally, but I had this big story concept all planned out with him in it from the beginning because I decided if I'm going to do the lame characters I better make them cool.  So I tried my damndest here.  He's sort of visually inspired by Batroc in the second Captain America movie.  I originally designed him to look a lot more like Spider-man but I kinda wanted him to be his own thing, so he has a more mercenary styled visual angle.  The spider emblem being a bunch of belts just kinda came to me.
Conceptually he's kind of got the Scorpion's role from the Ultimate Clone Saga, but wrapped in a 616 Tarantula shell with some Black Tarantula thrown in for good measure (claiming to be a crime lord).  I always thought it was lame that a Spider-man villain called "Tarantula" wasn't a genuine personal nemesis to Spider-man, so I sorta tried to make him out to be more of one.
But just so I can make it clear, he is a clone of Spider-man.  The first that Peter's explicitly aware of.
JMBC92196 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016
Awesome! :)
JJpivotz Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016
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Nice job making this lame character cool.
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