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65--Mister Negative by Green-Mamba 65--Mister Negative :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 27 3 Hanako and Amanozako by Green-Mamba Hanako and Amanozako :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 28 9 Hanako Ohtani's Persona: Amanozako by Green-Mamba Hanako Ohtani's Persona: Amanozako :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 21 3 Dojima and Nobunaga by Green-Mamba Dojima and Nobunaga :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 57 10 Ryotaro Dojima's Persona: Nobunaga by Green-Mamba Ryotaro Dojima's Persona: Nobunaga :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 28 5 64--Spider-woman by Green-Mamba 64--Spider-woman :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 81 11 63--Morlun by Green-Mamba 63--Morlun :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 42 4 62--Madame Web by Green-Mamba 62--Madame Web :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 47 5 61--Anna Watson by Green-Mamba 61--Anna Watson :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 20 0 60--Mary Parker by Green-Mamba 60--Mary Parker :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 24 0 59--Richard Parker by Green-Mamba 59--Richard Parker :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 23 4 58--Calypso by Green-Mamba 58--Calypso :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 40 10 57--Kaine by Green-Mamba 57--Kaine :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 60 22 56--Tarantula by Green-Mamba 56--Tarantula :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 55 4 55--Man-Wolf by Green-Mamba 55--Man-Wolf :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 50 8 54--Prowler by Green-Mamba 54--Prowler :icongreen-mamba:Green-Mamba 76 5


65--Mister Negative
Yep, still got more Spider-man stuff for you.  Been sitting on this one a while.

You might want a refresher from a couple of my earlier Spider-man posts, but...  Not all of the horrors created by the Scriers were captured by the government after the events of the clone saga--some were already unleashed upon the unsuspecting world years in advance.  One of these was an illegal Chinese immigrant the Scriers kidnapped fresh off the boat.  In an attempt to further the link between man and machine, a step beyond even what was attempted with Cassandra Webb, they began attempting to fuse him with their special antimatter created using the SHATHRA system (the same that had been used to link Webb to her machines), injecting him with nanites bound to the antimatter.  But the experiment was deemed a failure when nothing seemed to happen, and he was abandoned to die.

In reality, however, the experiments had created a second person within him, a being phase shifted just outside of normal visible spectrum, that had intentionally hid himself from the Scriers scientists and from his own counterpart in normal reality.  Biding his time the negative persona let the immigrant pull himself back up.  Surviving and making his way to New York, he took on the identity of Martin Li and managed to create a very successful charity organization in a few short years.  Unbeknownst to Li, however, his negative persona had started taking him over when he was unaware, calling himself "Mr. Negative," and he had aspirations of his own.  The SHATHRA system nanites had granted Mr. Negative greatly enhanced strength and the ability to replicate his nanites and spread them to other things, both inanimate and living, granting them both his strength and his own will, allowing him to control others for periods of time.  After the fall of the Kingpin and the Scriers, Mr. Negative began creating his own army of "demons" to fill the void of power left by both.

So yeah.  Had to do this guy eventually.  His design is pretty similar to what he usually looks like, the only real addition I've made is the lines and stuff on his face to suggest a technological origin.  He was sort of difficult to just sit down and do--I mean, he is just a guy in a suit, but what I ended up doing was basically just drawing him entirely normally, shaded and everything, and then inverting him and then playing around with him some more to make him look more impressive.
Hanako and Amanozako
Drawing Hanako as a Persona user was pretty fun.  I gave her brass knuckles because… I dunno.  I just kind of drew her in that “ready to punch” pose at a whim and thought it looked good.
Hanako Ohtani's Persona: Amanozako

Amanozako is a monstrous goddess born from Susano-o keeping too much ferocity within himself until he vomited her out.  Amanozako herself was said to have a terrible temper herself, and a truly beastly face.  She had a long nose, long ears, and incredibly powerful teeth that could chew through swords.

By and large there’s not much to Hanako’s character to really come up with suitable Persona choices, so really the choice came from my association of Amanozako’s long nose and my Shadow Hanako’s clown nose.  And I guess Hanako is seen as a rather monstrous figure to most around her.

Like Nobunaga this is a design I’ve been sitting on a while.  When I sat down and came up with Personas for everyone (which I basically did all at once) I had a really vivid picture of Amanozako pretty much right away–a short, stout thing that wielded a pair of swords with bites taken out of them (you know, her strong teeth and all).  Which is a pretty fun visual I haven’t really seen before.  All in all this is one of my favorite Persona designs I’ve done.  She kinda looks like a cross between a chicken and shark.

Dojima and Nobunaga
Dojima himself of course needs a standard issue handgun.  He’s gotta do this shit by the book.  I had given him normal glasses at first but he just didn’t look right.  The sunglasses ended up being much cooler looking.
Ryotaro Dojima's Persona: Nobunaga

Anyone with a passing interest in Japanese history will know Oda Nobunaga, the infamous warlord of the sixteenth century.  A brutal daimyo, he’s known as one of the three unifiers of Japan.  He himself was fond of western styled fashion and is often depicted wearing high collars and western styled armor.  He was also a major proponent for the usage of firearms.

In Nanako’s entry I kind of had to dance around why I specifically chose to make her Persona to be the daughter of Nobunaga–in truth, I came up with Dojima’s first.  In the world of Persona 4 Dojima kind of comes across as the “ruler” of the protagonist’s world, so this Persona seems less like how Dojima sees himself but rather how those close to him see him.

I’m also kind of cheating as Kanji’s two awakened Personas (Rokuten Maoh and Takeji Zaiten) are actually technically based on Nobunaga (they’re both nicknames he had), but I figured I could get away with it as this isn’t actually an “awakened” Persona, perhaps Dojima’s second rank Persona would evolve into something else to give Kanji room (just hypothetically, I don’t plan on designing awakened Personas).

But getting to the Persona’s design–the obvious origin comes from Shadow Dojima’s car wreckage.  I took that in the obvious direction–he’s sort of a combination of a Transformer, a shogun, and Samus from Metroid.  So he’s made of car parts, or rather mostly things that look like car parts–actual car parts are pretty dry looking and difficult to draw, but I think the general effect came through the design anyway.  The gun arms could be seen as a callback to Nobunaga’s usage of firearms in warfare.  I also really like the visuals of bullet belts.  The flower symbol on his belt is the symbol of the Oda clan, and is the same as seen on Nanako’s Persona, Tokuhime.

The design didn’t change much from my original sketches even all the way back when I first came up with him (again, I actually came up with this design before Nanako’s).  So it’s been a long time coming.



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