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Sometime after Kaine's escape from the feds, Peter receives a message from one Ezekiel Sims, the supposed head of the Scriers shell corporation WebCorps and the source donor of the genetic basis for Oz.  The message instructed Peter to come to the warehouse where Peter had defeated Tarantula, and to come alone.  Peter is cautious, but goes anyway.  There, he finally meets the evasive Sims--but the well dressed man with the cane and red eyes informs him of what Peter and Osborn had already figured out--there was no "Ezekiel Sims," that was merely a pseudonym that this man used in his dealings with the Scriers.  His real name, according to him, was Morlun.  And with the Scriers now out of the picture, Morlun speaks frankly with Peter about his role in everything.
He explains that he is an Inheritor, a line of superhumans that has existed unbroken since ancient times--their power passed from person to person by different methods each time (a totem of sorts).  Morlun's Inheritor abilities have given him absolutely tremendous strength and a greatly extended lifespan, allowing him to amass a large amount of power and wealth.  But all of this power has finally started to take its toll on Morlun's body--while his power is still unmatched, his body is dying.  He had been secretly selling his "perfect DNA" to be used as the genetic base for superhuman serums for decades, with Oz the only one to be a remote success.  And while his duty as Inheritor requires that he passes his abilities down to a new Inheritor, Morlun's scheme with the Oz had a more sinister motivation: he had grown to like his long life too much and was not willing to pass on without a fight.  Convinced he was on the cusp of true eternal life, Morlun waited for the Oz formula to create the next true Inheritor.  The random luck that was the spider bite that bit Peter somehow created what Morlun had been waiting for.  He would use Peter's blood as means to create true eternal life for himself.  If Peter died in the process, so be it; he would have another spider be created.
Morlun gives Peter an ultimatum--submit, or be hunted down like an animal.

Terrified, Peter contacts the federal agents who had been working with his clones and Madame Web.  Curious as to why Morlun didn't just harvest the clones the Scriers had been making, they agree to meet Morlun--they being Peter, the Scarlet Spider, and a slew of federal agents.  They meet him the next night in the same warehouse, and state his decision to fight back.  Morlun responds by attacking with frighteningly inhuman speed and ferocity, the likes of which he had never seen.  Within seconds the federal agents are slaughtered, and Peter and the Scarlet Spider are on the run, fighting for their lives.
The fight leads to the heart of the city, leaving destruction in its wake, the remaining federal agents struggling to keep up.  In the midst of the fight another spider person dressed in the same costume as Peter appears to help out, but the three spider people are no match for Morlun.  He manages to down one of the two men dressed as Spider-man, and Morlun draws a knife across the spider man's chest.  He tastes the blood, but for the first time in the fight, Morlun reacts negatively.  The downed spider man manages to remove his mask, and reveals the hideous visage of Kaine.  Morlun reacts in a horrified manner, and his skin starts turning ash grey.  Kaine manages to get to his feet and strike Morlun, causing him to actually bleed, his blood even turning a sickly grey color.  Something about Kaine's blood wasn't agreeing with him.  Taking no chances, the federal agents watching from distant helicopters open fire on Morlun, and he is struck several times in the chest.  Morlun falls to the ground, and the Inheritor dies.
In the aftermath Kaine flees once again before Peter and the Scarlet Spider can thank him.  Upon gazing into Morlun's glazed over eyes, they surmise that the symbiote basis used to create the clones had rendered the clones' blood incompatible with Morlun's, so in a way Peter's father's research had ultimately saved the day, in a very roundabout way.

So a large chapter is closed on the mysteries surrounding Peter's life, for now, but of course the adventure goes on.

The tl;dr version is this: Morlun is the true  original source of the superhuman serum that made Peter the way he was, and Morlun wanted Peter's blood to keep himself alive for longer.  Peter said no, and Morlun tried to kill him for it.  Kaine's blood ends up saving the day?  Sorry, that was all pretty long up there.

But yeah okay, that's Morlun.  A lot of words for what seems to be just some guy in a suit.  I kinda like the dichotomy of Morlun and Spider-man--a well dressed vampire guy hunting down a guy in a lucha mask and tights.  But the Victorian fashion Morlun wears in the original comics had to go, didn't fit at all with the look I'm going for in my universe.  His look here is actually pretty directly inspired from Loki's suit he wears briefly in the first Avengers movie.  Suave and well put together but still quite threatening looking.  I wanted him to look really cold and calculating, but also like he's hiding a really ferocious beast just underneath the surface.
He was a hard one to pin down, though, as, like I said, I like the *idea* of Morlun, but the mysticism to the whole Spider Totem always bugged me as really out of character for Spider-man's cast of characters.  So it took me a while to come up with a means for him to be a similar force without using a true "Spider Totem" in the mythology.
62--Madame Web
Among the many horrors that the federal agents discovered in the Scriers cloning headquarters was an old, crippled blind woman being held captive, tethered to a vast array of complex machines and computers.  Named Cassandra Webb, her own erratic brain patterns had made her the target of the Scriers scientists.  In an effort to create a perfect link between human and machine, she had her brain linked to a complex computer network by way of cables utilizing a strange type of extra dimensional energy--a type of antimatter that the Scriers had created through what they called the SHATHRA system.  This special connection, as well as her own innate brain power, allowed Webb to communicate and alter the workings of both computers and people she was linked to.  She was the means that Osborn and Warren had used to wipe the memories of clones such as the Tarantula and create new personalities.  Webb herself was not malevolent, however, and was being forced into service against her will.  Webb was rescued by the federal agents after the events of the clone saga.

Feeling guilty for her role in the clone saga, she offered to help the federal agency with their attempts to fix Kaine's damaged mind.  She succeeds in rewiring his brain to be more stable, but only to a point--he's still edgy and paranoid, but now realizes who he truly is.  The government then offers the Scarlet Spider and Kaine a choice to work for them as agents.  They agree, but Kaine had ulterior motives--in their first field training, Kaine escapes out into the unknown.

Yeah, this is Madame Web.  A much more grounded take but I tried to fit in a lot of her established visual motifs.  The spider symbol has become some sort of life support system.  The wires tethering her to her machines are supposed to sort of evoke the "web" she sits in in the original comics.  She took longer to design than I anticipated.
61--Anna Watson
Kind of a continuation on the "family" theme of the previous two entries, this is Anna May Watson, Mary Jane's aunt.  Role wise my interpretation is pretty similar to past renditions--she's the Parkers' next door neighbor in Queens and is Aunt May's best friend.  Anna is the one who conspires with May to introduce her niece to Peter when he's still in high school.  Aunt Anna is Mary Jane's favorite relative, being a nice, well adjusted woman in Mary Jane's unfortunately disorderly family.

That's really all I got.  Design wise she kind of takes after an actual aunt of my own.  Her original comic design is probably where I got my most inspiration though.
60--Mary Parker
And of course Peter's mother, Mary Parker, as she appeared when she was still alive.  There isn't a whole lot to say about her--she wasn't a scientist like her husband, so she wasn't involved in making any crazy black suits or anything, but she was a doting and loving mother and a good friend of the Brocks.  She died in the same plane crash as her husband.

As I said, there's really never been much to her, she kinda gets forgotten in every incarnation, always in the background.  I... didn't exactly rectify that here, but I felt it was only fair to draw her after Peter's dad.  This kind of "young mother" design is something I haven't really drawn before, so I hope I did a good enough job.
59--Richard Parker
Peter's father, Richard Parker, as he appeared when he was still alive.  I've mentioned it before but I'll say again that he takes most after his depiction in Ultimate comics: he was a biochemist who created the black suit alongside Eddie Brock's father.  It was designed as a cure for cancer, by using its own self replication abilities to super charge the body's immune system.  Seeking new funding, they were brought on board to a large chemical corporation.  Unfortunately, the corporation realized the weaponization potential of the suit and claimed ownership of it.  When Richard, his wife, and Eddie's parents took a flight to the legal preceding, their plane went down under mysterious circumstances, killing everyone on board.  Peter was left an orphan to be raised by his uncle and aunt, Eddie to be raised by his grandfather.  Eddie's father had kept a separate sample of the suit, however, and it was passed down to Eddie, and it was mostly forgotten outside of Dr. Connors working on it with Eddie when he got to college, which of course led to all sorts of bad things, like the Lizard, Venom, Carnage, the clones, etc.  So Richard's scientific legacy is not a happy one, but his family legacy was in Peter.

The chemical corporation who claimed ownership had long since gone out of business by the time Peter became Spider-man and is of no real importance going forward.

So, also like Ultimate Richard, he is sort of designed to look like 616 Peter Parker, though maybe a little older.  I kinda wanted him to look like the ultimate figure for Peter to look up to and strive to be.


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